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May 25, 2017

As loyal CMD fans know, we’re proud to operate on with a very strong and unique team of women. Our talented staff, from whip-sharp production artists to behind-the-scenes mavens, is filled to brim with bright, clever, kind gals who live in California and New York. We love showcasing them from time to time, and we hope you enjoy learning about them, too.

This post is all about Samantha, our kind of “new kid on the block” who actually became part of the CMD story many years ago. Colleen first met Samantha when she was working at the art store Collector in Berkeley. CMD jewelry was sold at Collector, and Samantha was a passionate advocate of the brand. After a couple years, Samantha headed back to her homeland of Los Angeles. While living in Southern California, she reconnected with Colleen and helped sell in the CMD booth at Dwell on Design. After dreamily imagining a day when Samantha would return to the Bay Area and work at CMD full time, it finally happened!

Samantha is now the Sales Manager at the CMD HQ on Valencia Street. Her style, vibe and enthusiasm are the perfect complement to our jewelry. On top of being an all-around amazing fit, she’s also a Ring Bar aficionado. Her ability to help customers create unique, personalized stacks is amazing.

Has Samantha helped you find the perfect piece in The Showroom? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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