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March 14, 2023

Doesn’t Spring make you feel so excited? The minute the warm air hits my shoulders, I start dreaming of longer days, lighter clothing, outdoor meals and night swims in my pool. Time moves quick and while I love to embrace each season for what it is, I cannot WAIT for spring.
Not only am I keeping busy getting my house organized and ready for the warmer months, I’m also sorting through all kinds of beautiful goodies for our Metal Madness Sale!
This now annual, online sale event began as our Samples & Seconds Sale years ago when one of my employees found a huge box of jewelry in the back closet of the shop one day. “What is all of this?” she squealed. Back then, I was truly a perfectionist (not anymore, thankfully) and I couldn’t bear to sell anything that had any blemishes or imperfections. She convinced me that we should sell it at a major discount (thanks, Laura!) and long story short, it turned into a HUGE annual in-person event in San Francisco. Picture folks lining up around the block to get first dibs. It was an absolute mad house and such a blast!
The “minor defects” that once kept me from selling otherwise gorgeous pieces are often things that only I notice. I've also come to learn that many actually enjoy the slight imperfections as they tell the CMD story of being handmade with love – especially when the price is right! I realize that for some, our jewelry feels unaffordable, so this is also a great opportunity to start or build up your CMD jewelry collection on a much smaller budget. This makes my heart feel happy.
We began METAL MADNESS for those of us who would rather be shopping for jewelry than watching basketball on television... or, maybe you love both and that’s okay too! We love the fun play on words for our favorite annual event.
This year, the sale will take place ONLINE ONLY, no exceptions! Since I don’t have a support staff here in Asbury Park (beside Migs), it wouldn’t be feasible to host the sale in person like the old days. CMD has fans all over the country (and world), and I want everyone to have equal opportunity to shop the best sale of the year. Sale items will NOT be shown or sold during virtual or in-person appointments. Local open studio hours will resume after the sale ends in early April.
Please tune to Instagram throughout the sale as I’ll be regularly posting sale info, newly added categories and items, and giving you an up-close look at all the Madness.
I can’t wait to share these pieces with you. Let's clean shop!


  • This event is ONLINE ONLY. Metal Madness sale items will NOT be shown or sold via virtual or in-person appointment. Sale items can NOT be viewed or purchased at The CMD Shop in Asbury Park, no exceptions! Local open studio events will resume after the sale ends in early April.
  • Throughout Metal Madness, Colleen will be posting on Instagram to show sale items up close and personal. If you like something, you may purchase it online via the Metal Madness Sale Page.
  • Quantities and sizing are limited and all sales are final, no exceptions!
  • Any imperfections are minor and might not be super obvious to the average eye.
  • Some items are in perfect condition as they are overstock selections or older styles.
  • We’ll also be featuring a handful of one of a kind pieces. Snag them if you love them -- there’s only one of each!
  • Signature CMD boxes will NOT be included with your purchase. Sale orders will be shipped in minimal packaging in order to keep prices as low as possible. If you are intending on gifting any Metal Madness items and want a signature paper gift box included with your order, you may purchase one here for $3.00.
  • Free shipping is NOT available during Metal Madness. Select between First Class (most affordable) or Priority shipping at checkout. Express shipping is also unavailable throughout the duration of the sale.
  • Expect orders to take slightly longer than usual to ship during the sale. We are a very small team, and Metal Madness is one of our biggest and most highly anticipated events of the year! We will be working as quickly as possible to fulfill your orders. We appreciate your patience and all your support.
  • Sale items are not eligible for any additional discounts but you can use CMD Bucks on them! Learn more about our new official rewards program and start accruing store credit today. You'll get $10 instantly just for signing up!
  • We typically respond to emails and customer service inquiries within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a response from us during the sale.




Let the Madness begin!

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