October 01, 2019

As loyal CMD fans know, we’re very proud to be a strong and unique bi-coastal team of women… eight women to be precise.

Because we’re a small crew, we often need more help at shows, events, and even in the Showroom during those particularly busy times of the year. Our CMD Street Team is a handful of individuals who work with us periodically on these types of occasions, and we could not be more grateful to have them. They’re friends of friends, artists, designers, neighbors, and sometimes even customers!

Our Street Team members are essentially CMD’s brand ambassadors. They love the brand, the company, and have similar values as the core CMD team. They’re an extension of the brand, and like substitute teachers, they fill in from time to time.

While we may span time zones, our common passions, work ethics and respect for one another keep us closely tied together.

Do you have a passion for beautiful things and like working with other fun, hard-working people? Us too. If you’re interested in joining CMD’s Street Team, please email jobs@colleenmauerdesigns.com with some information about yourself and your knowledge of, or interest in CMD. We’d love to get to know you



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