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October 25, 2018

Fall is the season for layering, and I don’t just mean chunky knit sweaters, long socks and booties. Layering jewelry is my favorite way to put my favorite baubles and sparkly things on display and shake things up. Stacking isn’t just for rings, either. You can create your perfect arm or ear stack, or a cascading necklace effect. The trick is getting the right pieces in place.

Here’s one way to do it (there are many): Pair a Long Tri-Toned Virga Necklace with a Rose Gold, Silver & Black Multi Rounded Square Necklace (yes, you can wear two!). These go wonderfully with the Large Black & Gold Rounded Post Earrings and a Two-Toned Line Bracelet with a few Individual Bands for some extra shine. With simple, elegant, timeless styles, it’s hard to go wrong and do “too much” or “too little.” You can rock it all, or a single piece if you please.

What are your favorite pieces and pairings this season?

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