I’m thrilled to share this modern collection with you. I drew inspiration for the FORTH collection from a few unlikely sources: I got curious about how I might juxtapose the sharp edges of squares and rectangles against more deliberate angles and softer, subtler lines—and I couldn’t help but be influenced by the visual impact of the metropolitan skylines that surround me. The FORTH collection is symbolic of forward motion, both for myself as a designer, and for the future evolution of CMD collections.

It’s not uncommon for me to create a simple collection, and then subsequently be called to expand upon those initial designs. FORTH EXPANSION developed from a series of pencil sketches. I was pulling together the original FORTH collection, and I almost had to hold myself back—the ideas kept coming, which was so wild and fun. As I designer, I want my collections to feel deliberate and streamlined. Once the work is launched, the expansion pieces help round out the collection into something that is truly complete and cohesive.