February 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a bit of a Hallmark Holiday, but I don’t think it has to be. I think it’s just a great day as any to show up and express your love – for the people you care for and for yourself. Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single, love and self-love should always come first. For me, that means spending some time alone or with my girlfriends, enjoying a home cooked meal and delicious conversations over a glass of wine. It means working out, showing up for my morning meditation, and taking time to recharge and fill my cup first. This hasn’t always been easy for me, but it’s a big priority for me these days.

Love is all we really need. Love yourself, love your partner, love your friends, love your pets, love your family, love the planet, love your neighbors, love the little ones and love the elderly. Let’s love everyday, who’s in?

What does self-love look like to you? How are you treating yourself or your special loved ones today?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all,

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