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April 08, 2019

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge supporter of the go-to white T. A clean white T-shirt can be dressed up, dressed down, and worn on almost any occasion, give or take an interview (depending on what you’re interviewing for), your wedding (I mean… you can if you want to), or a community car wash.

I love layering long sweaters or button ups with a cuffed sleeve... pair that with a sleek pair of denim or some nicely fitted black slacks and voila! A look that never gets old. And for jewelry... throw on a long necklace over the tee for just a pop of drama.

A white T with an open neckline is great to make sure a shorter necklace rests high and doesn’t drape over or under the shirt. If you’re wearing a longer style, like CMD’s Long or Extra Long Tri-Toned Virga Necklace you can wear any neckline you please!

This look also works wonderfully if you’re one of those folks that loves wearing all your favorite jewelry pieces, but worries about "over-doing” it (ahem… no such thing, I’d say). With a casual outfit, it’s easier to dress up your phalanges, your wrists, your neckline, AND your ears all at once without it looking like it’s too much.

Lately, my favorite pieces to wear with a white T and jeans are my brand new 4-Loop Four-Color Interlocking Bangle, with either my Silver and Gold Double Square Necklace or it’s sister piece, the Long Double Square Necklace in Silver and Gold depending on my shirt's neckline that day, and last but definitely not least, my new favorite 5mm Wide Silver and Gold Round Ring in solid yellow gold and sterling silver.

How about you? What’s your go-to outfit or favorite look for the spring?

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