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November 07, 2012

One of my favorite emerging looks from CMD this season is oxidized silver combined with gold. Oxidization is a surface treatment that creates a controlled, darkened patina on the silver. It transforms shiny sterling silver into an unexpected matte black, and I am absolutely loving it with gold.

Mixing metals is one of my signature aesthetics, and I swoon over the way bright gold pops against the matte oxidized silver. This sexy, sophisticated contrast of color is perfect for someone who likes unconventional (but everyday) jewelry. It makes a bold statement while remaining classic and simple.

It should be noted that oxidization can be buffed out of the silver over time (especially pieces you wear frequently which are subject to friction, oils on the skin, lotion, water, etc). One of the many perks of buying CMD jewelry is we offer complimentary re-oxidation on all jewelry.

As today is Wholesale Wednesday I’ve decided to treat my fabulous clients to one of my favorite gold/oxidized silver pieces. This chic but modern necklace is available at its wholesale price today only (November 7th, 2012). This stunning combo of color looks great with any outfit and also makes a wonderful, unique gift. I’m thrilled to start this blogging journey with all of you, and look forward to sharing stories, tips and my personal favorites. More blogs are coming very soon, stay tuned!

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