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Custom Storybook Necklace

Do you love the Storybook Necklace but want more than five starter charms? Maybe you love the design, but only wear gold and want a monotone necklace with all-gold charms. Or, maybe you already own a Storybook, and just hope to add a few additional charms to your necklace as your story unfolds. Afterall, our stories are ever-evolving and unique. Your Storybook should be, too!

To get a custom necklace quote, you must submit a deposit via this listing. Please add a note at checkout or send a follow-up email to showroom@colleenmauerdesigns.com regarding what design modifications you'd like to make. Colleen will reach out for more information and provide you with a custom price quote. If needed, she'll send you an invite to book a quick phone call to confirm any final details. You'll need to submit the remainder of your balance before production begins.
Please note: Your $50 deposit will go towards the purchase of your finished design, or any other piece purchased during your appointment with Colleen. If you opt to not move forward with your custom design, your deposit will be reimbursed to you in the form of CMD Bucks (aka store credit).
Materials: 14k gold, 14k gold-fill (14k gold over brass core/no nickel) and/or sterling silver (.925). The pendant pieces will all be solid 14k and sterling silver. The chain is offered in sterling silver, 14k gold-fill or solid 14k gold. Because no two necklaces are exactly the same, this is modified design including heirloom-quality solid metals, and charms feature customized engravings, all Storybooks are considered custom pieces. With all custom work and special occasion jewelry, all sales are final. Learn more here.
This necklace will be designed with your help in Asbury Park and is handmade to order in our Upstate New York production studio.