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October 18, 2017

People often walk up to the Ring Bar, try on a few, and ask me, “Can I mix these together?” They’re talking about the different metals: rose gold, yellow gold, black (oxidized) and silver. It’s a really common question, actually.

While you might not want to hear this, it truly comes down to personal choice. That said, I have a few tips for making your own stacks and combos:

  1. Mix. Try them many ways. Buy two to three rings or bracelets you love (or more!). Then stack every combo you can make. While they’ll all work (Really. I mix every metal and width–check out our favorite designed stack for inspiration), you’ll find that when you look at certain patterns, you feel more you, whether that’s more balanced, more stand-out, more subdued. Some patterns will speak to you, but you won’t know until you try.
  2. Contrast. If you’re putting together a stack of rings or bracelets, try creating contrast by putting a pop in the middle of two opposites, like silver between rose gold and yellow gold or black between classic gold and silver. This does a lot to show off each color.
  3. Asymmetry. Try mixing different widths and colors because it creates texture and interesting pattern.

What do I do? On my right ring finger, I mix a round rose, yellow and silver, and on my left middle I wear a square rose, black, and silver…and I vary the thickness throughout.

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