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November 21, 2017

I’m a creature of habit and I get SUPER attached to things that I own. I will save all my extra dollars and buy a pair ofDieppa Restrepo orFreda Salvador shoes, then have them resoled over and over again. I also don’t mind if anyone notices that I always have the same pair of shoes on every time they see me.  As I’ve grown older, I really strive to love every single piece in my closet. If I don’t pull it out and think, “I just adore ya,” then I don’t want to see it. That means it’s gone! to my raggedy old sweater from 10 years ago, and gone! with that $400 dress that I swore I would wear all the time…but only wore twice (oops).  

When people struggle to select the right piece of jewelry, I recommend using the same closet philosophy:

  1. Does the piece sing to you and kinda make you weak in the knees?
  2. Do you think you’ll be grabbing that piece out of your jewelry box or off your dresser nearly every morning?
  3. If you ever left it in the hotel room or at the gym, you would call them and do everything you could to get it back?
  4. If you don’t buy it this minute, will you walk out of the store, them immediately go back the next day (and regret it if you find out it’s gone)?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, that’s when you know you’ve chosen the right piece.

When someone walks into my shop and mindlessly tries on four pairs of earrings, then suddenly tries on the right pair and I watch her eyes light up—I just love it when that happens. And at our Ring Bar, it’s so obvious when someone feels like a million bucks once she creates her perfect square stack. I can tell it’s the perfect material combination and fit, even though she never thought she would like a square ring. She leaves with her shiny new rings on her finger, no box necessary. When you have all of these intense feelings and excited emotions, that’s when you really knowyou’re picking out the right piece of jewelry for yourself.

Of course, if you need a lil’ guidance finding that perfect piece, just pop into the Showroom and let us help you fall in love. We can’t wait to see your eyes light up when the right stack is on your finger.

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