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May 16, 2017

We’re grateful to spend each day working with our hands and stretching our creativity. The benchmark of Colleen Mauer Designs is hand-crafted design, and our pieces take many forms—quite literally and figuratively—from sketches on a pad to finished jewelry. While every project is different, the dedication, attention to detail and, of course, love, that’s poured into each piece is similar.

One of the most special things about our Studio + Showroom on Valencia (at 25th Street) is the glass wall exposing the workspace. We absolutely love showing customers how their jewelry is created, and whether you’re a loyal CMD fan or a newbie stopping in for the first time, we promise you’ll learn something every moment you observe our production artists working.

Have you visited our Studio + Showroom? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our unique and revealing space. Stop by and see us Tuesdays-Sundays 11am-7pm. Not local to the Bay Area? Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes close ups.

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