April 14, 2020

Last week, I was interviewed by the amazing Julie Fogh of Vital Voice Training. We talked about CMD’s plans and strategies during the pandemic, and about the ways we’ve been able to adapt and pivot during these wild times. I also talked about what I’m doing to take care of myself, too. Give it a listen!




Vital Voice Training offers coaching on voice and public speaking for both individuals and larger groups. Check out the Vital Voice Training website, and follow them on Instagram for the secret sauce on how to identify and amplify your own unique voice.

For managing stress levels, my philosophy is simple: restful sleep, proper hydration, regular meditation… and indulging a bit, too. How are you taking care of yourself, and what’s working for you? I’d love to know!

It’s been so nice to connect with people like Julie, and with customers all over the world — Some that I’d never have the chance to meet if it wasn’t for the Virtual Sample Sale.

Great news: The sale is STILL happening! We have jewelry priced anywhere from 20 to 60% off (or more!) and you’ll get $20 towards your purchase for booking a complimentary FaceTime session with me. Oh, and you’ll get a $25 gift card for EACH friend you refer to the sale!




Learn more about this year's Sample Sale and all its perks HERE.

Day by day, friends. We’ll get through this together!


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