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April 06, 2020

Hello my friends,

I had such an incredible time last week thinking about how these FaceTime calls for the Sample Sale have brought me all over the place. On Friday alone, I traveled virtually to Sacramento, Washington State, Michigan, New York, and even France! Can you believe it?

It’s such a cool experience to get face-to-face time with some customers who I wouldn’t otherwise ordinarily have the chance of meeting. Where in the world are YOU? Let's hang out in your space and I'll bring the jewels from my studio to you!

I’ll be posting five items per day on Instagram Stories (Tuesday - Saturday) this week, as well! Tune in, and DM me if you see what you want or have requests. Better yet, book a FaceTime session with me to see anything you want AND receive $20 off for chatting vis-à-vis with me.

Hope you’re all staying healthy and happy. See you soon!


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