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January 14, 2016

The creative process is an special experience, no matter what the medium. The way a creator arrives at the finish line, final product complete, is a wild, windy road that’s hard to explain. My love and passion for design is instinctive, and part of the reason I adore our showroom on Valencia is because clients shopping CMD collections can also watch us—in action—crafting pieces. But before we begin hammering out jewelry, it all begins with a sketch…

After outlining a brief sketch, I typically dive right into handling materials. While in the creative zone, 10 hours passes like 10 minutes (I’ve been known to stay in the studio past midnight more than once). It’s important to envision the entire collection, then carefully edit to make it more complex.

Exploring and perfecting the creative process is a true joy in my career. Watching dreams come to life in the form of wearable, unique jewelry is always fulfilling. How do you “get in your zone” while being creative? We’d love to hear about your process in the comments below.

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