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January 16, 2013

Recently I traveled to Joshua Tree National Park in the stunning Mojave Desert. We entered through the south end of the park and traveled north – amidst rock climbers, hikers and cactus gardens – to the Joshua Trees. These extraordinary plants are unlike any other and they completely blew me away. I am so inspired by their story, their beauty and their age.

National Park namesake the Joshua Tree (also known as Yucca brevifolia) has played an important role in the desert for centuries. American Indians wove baskets from its tough leaves while early immigrants used its trunk and limbs to build fences and corrals. Today, Joshua Trees are admired by locals and visitors alike for their striking uniqueness and important ecological role (many insects, animals and plants rely on these trees to survive). [Source]

The momentous awe I felt in the nature of the Mojave Desert allowed to me slow down and remember the greatness of 2012. I am thrilled for the changes and growth 2013 will bring, and I’m so proud to reflect on my sweetest moments of the last year. We’ve built an amazing, solid team of talented ladies who are all excited to be part of CMD. I’m restructuring the foundation of the business and am so excited for the direction we are heading.

The Joshua Tree is known for it’s slow, steady growth cycle. The oldest, most resilient trees in the desert are hundreds of years old. This determination inspires me to continue progressing, both personally and professionally. I’m enjoying new clients trickling in from around the country, and look forward on journeying into the new year with all of you.

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