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January 21, 2013

Stackable rings are certainly a staple part of the signature CMD style. You may have heard me mention the versatility of having stacks of rings; one of the many perks is wearing them individually. For the first time, CMD is selling individual rings on our website. I am loving this whole new take on the stackable ring experience. It’s a rather sexy statement, wouldn’t you say?

Speaking of individual rings, I am so excited to introduce our brand new Upper Side rings, available as a thin bands in silver, gold and oxidized. Pair these little numbers together or individually to make a classic, flirty statement.  Personally, I am loving the set of three – one oxidized, one gold, one silver, with the oxidized (black) ring sandwiched in the center.  Pretty delicious, no?

Committing to a full stack of rings is an investment, I know… not unlike really good denim.  So, if you have a tighter budget purchasing an individual ring (or three) is a great way to establish your own personalized stack. Add a ring for each momentous life moment; create a gift tradition for a love one; purchase one ring a month for yourself…it’s really fun to get creative with it!   Fair warning, though – I’ve been told that CMD stacking can become a mild addiction.

Already own a stackable CMD? Add a couple individuals to create a half-stack to wear alongside the full. Mix and match standard rings with the Upper Side Rings; stacks look pretty chic above-the-knuckle, too.

Upper Side Rings sizes are typically half of your standard ring size (ish). If your normal ring size is a 4.1/2 – 6.0, we recommend a size SMALL. For ring sizes 6.1/2 – 7.0, we recommend a size MEDIUM. And for ring sizes 7.1/2 – 9.0, we recommend a LARGE. For most, one size will fit on multiple fingers. I hope you adore this style as much as I do, and I would absolutely love to hear your comments below!

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