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January 26, 2023

When I meet with customers, one question that I consistently get asked is, “Colleen, how do you suggest I clean my jewelry?” I have so many answers to this question but my go-to solution for a quick shine-up for any of my jewelry is to grab the good ole Dawn Dish Soap. You can find this amazing solution at any major grocery store, hardware store, or practically any retail location. (I buy the largest bottle I can find and then store it in a soap dispenser next to my sink).
I am a HUGE fan of this product and I promise that I’m not getting paid to say this. There’s a reason they use Dawn to clean the little ducks during oil spoils. This magical blue concoction gets rid of all the dirt, grime, lotions and potions that inevitably come off our bodies and onto our jewelry. Half the time, the “dullness” or lackluster of your jewelry comes from these very things.
I have a pump bottle of Dawn Soap in all of our production studios, my shop and at home. For a quick jewelry cleaning fix, I’ll take a quick pump of the Dawn along with some warm water, suds it up and take the jewelry between my hands and carefully wash the piece in the same way I’d wash my own hands. From there, I rinse all the soap off and meticulously dry between a dish towel (I find microfiber works the best). Ta da! The piece is almost always sparklier than before. The dullness is gone and oh, how she sparkles again.
So yes, I absolutely love Dawn. Be sure to try this method out at home and let me know what you think. No harsh chemicals or fancy ultrasonic cleaning machines necessary. Stay tuned for more cleaning tips and tricks here on the CMD blog!

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