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February 03, 2023

I had the idea for this limited edition 'Spread the Love' necklace during a recent product development meeting with Sam. In all the years I’ve been designing jewelry, I’ve never been compelled to design a heart shaped anything. I do love drawing hearts and if you've ever received a handwritten note from me, you'll recognize this subtle heart shape is similar to my own sketch. Try doodling some hearts after you read this, it’s quite cathartic.

Love. I love you. I love me. I love her. I love him. I love them. Love always wins, so let’s spread it, shall we? Now more than ever, I feel a call to share the love through positivity and kind interactions with all humans, living creatures (and jewelry!). Gift this heart-shaped piece to a person you care for very much or show someone who needs a little extra TLC that you're thinking of them. This necklace can represent just a little piece of your own heart or can be a symbol of fierce self-love.

The heart has a little personality of its own. You’ll sometimes find it resting upright or on its side (hearts get tired, too)…just let it do its thing. I love layering this necklace, especially with the Laurel Necklace - all gold, all the way. This piece is limited edition and will be available for the month of February. I hope this little teeny heart brings you whole lotta joy.
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you still have time to shop in person or online. We’re also handing out some free love.
Spend $450+ and get a silver heart necklace
Spend $650+ and get your choice of a silver, gold or rose gold necklace

Be sure to shop by Tuesday, February 7th to get your order in time for February 14th. The free necklace with purchase promo will also end February 7th, but you can purchase our limited edition Spread the Love Necklace throughout the month of February.

With a big hug,
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