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May 01, 2018

The word mom can mean so many different things to people. Some moms have tots, while others have teens. Other moms have fur babies…sometimes an entire household full of them. You might be a grandmother, an aunt, a sister or a cousin: if you have a brood of your own or if you dole out maternal advice. You might be called Ma, Mom, Madre, Ahm, Majka, Mae, Matka, Mor, Moeder, Mere, Maman, Mutter, Mamma, Okaasan, Haha, Mor, Matka, Mat, Mzazi, or Mo…just to name a few.

For me, my mom is one of the most amazing people in my life. Living 3000 miles apart isn’t always easy, but we manage by getting on the phone together nearly every day.  My mom is a woman I have always admired – she raised me, my brother and sister on her own while working as an elementary school teacher.  My mom always encouraged me to follow my heart and I watched her do the same throughout her career.  She worked tirelessly through grad school in her 40s and eventually because a vice-principal and then a principal before she retired. I think having a strong, positive role model was one of the biggest reasons I had the guts to start my jewelry business. I am so grateful for my mom.  She’s incredible.

I want to hear about what the word mom means to you.

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