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May 16, 2018

This is a question I get a LOT, and there isn’t really a one-size (or shape)-fits-all answer.

Lots of my customers mix shapes and sizes when they’re at the ring bar, and it totally works for them. Your jewelry style and pairings should be an extension of your own style. If you’re a person who mixes patterns and accessories, don’t stop to think twice. This is part of the fun of creating your own stack!

What do I do? I usually wear a square stack on my middle finger on the left hand, and a round stack on my right ring finger. I’m absolutely loving this look right now. You can find a picture of this look, and other methods of creating a stack in my recent post, 3 Easy Ways to Create a Stack.

Personally, I just like to make sure I mix my stacks up by including some wider bands (ex. 3mm round with 5mm square, and some thin rings interspersed in between). I recommend trying to mix different widths and colors in addition to shape, because it creates interesting texture and pattern.

If you are mixing, start by choosing half circle and half square, versus all square and one circle. If you like squares better than rounds, choose a few extra squares (ex. 5 squares, 3 rounds).

I’ll also be designing a mixed stack in an upcoming collection, so stay tuned

Check out the entire CMD stack ring and individual ring collection here

I want to hear from you! How do you like to stack?

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