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The Storybook Necklace

The Storybook Necklace is meant to represent the story of YOUR life. The letters you choose can represent anything that is precious to you. Perhaps a “T” is the initial of a dear friend who you met on a backpacking journey 30 years ago… the same person who remains your best friend to this very day. Maybe an “S” represents the animal companion who was by your side for 14 beautiful years of their perfectly sweet, but never-long-enough life. The “R” could represent a soul mate, or the love of your life. You can read more examples here.

Like a storybook, the necklace’s engraved square, circle and rectangle pendants stack together at times and the letters are intentionally not always visible. Choose the chain material, number of charms, and the initials you'd like your Storybook to have. The pendant pieces are all solid 14k and sterling silver. The chain is offered in sterling silver, 14k gold-fill and solid 14k gold. I hope these necklaces will become heirloom pieces that you someday might pass onto someone else. Over time, if you’d like another stamped shape added to your storybook, we can absolutely do that! Our stories are ever-evolving.

Materials: 14k gold and rose gold, 14k gold and rose gold-fill (14k gold over brass core/no nickel) and/or sterling silver (.925). This necklace was designed in Asbury Park and is handmade to order in our Upstate New York production studio.

Please note: For all single charm necklaces, they will be monotone (aka match the chain) and you have your choice of gold or silver chain. For two charms, they will come yellow gold and silver and you have your choice of yellow gold or silver chain. For 3+ charms, you will be able choose your metal combination and chain color. In addition, we are not honoring specific requests as to individual charm shape and material at this time. If you opt for a necklace with 5 charms, it will come exactly as you see it in the product photo. The ONLY way to have a letter engraved on a specific charm is to enter your desired letters in the order you want them reflected on the necklace, left to right. For example, if you enter 'MIG' for a 3-charm necklace, the 'I' will come on the silver rectangular charm in the middle.

We carefully stamp each initial and make every necklace by hand. Because no two necklaces are exactly the same and this design includes heirloom-quality solid metals, this is considered a custom piece. With all custom work and special occasion jewelry, all sales are final. Read more here.