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April 20, 2023

I tend to ponder life quite a bit in my regular day-to-day, especially on the pages of my journal and during my morning beach walks. I was born on the west coast in Washington State and spent a good chunk of my life in California and between the states of Washington, Virginia and New Jersey. I’ve traveled a lot and am a very social person. Between traveling, living in many places and running CMD, I’ve met so many incredible people along the way.

Since moving back to New Jersey, my life feels as if it’s come Full Circle. I’ve been reflecting so much on the imprint that certain people leave on our hearts and souls. I also think about and how those people and connections inevitably become the fabric of our lives. I feel grateful to have so many friends who I love enough to call them my soul mates. I’m part of a vast and extended family who serve as the very pillars of my existence. My dog, Miglia is my furbabe, and she has shown me the true meaning of unconditional love. My team has been with me on this wild journey of running a small business and I could not have done any of this without them. I’m genuinely so grateful for every one of these beings and the imprints they have, and continue to leave on my life.

As the CMD collection has grown over the years, I will say that some pieces take longer than others to design. The concepts materialize but then comes the piles of iterations before the finished piece is truly ready to unveil. The Imprinted Collection, while concise, feels like one of the most special ones in my repertoire and it’s been in the works for well over a year.
Now it’s your turn! The Storybook Necklace is meant to represent the story of YOUR life. The letters you choose can represent anything that is precious to you. Perhaps a “T” is the initial of a dear friend who you met on a backpacking journey 30 years ago… the same person who remains your best friend to this very day. Maybe an “S” represents the animal companion who was by your side for 14 beautiful years of their perfectly sweet, but never-long-enough life. The “R” could represent a soul mate, or the love of your life. Perhaps the “H” and “J” are the initials the mini humans that you brought into this world...the most magical extension of you. Maybe a “K” is meant to symbolize an extra special human who is no longer in the physical world with us. Maybe an “S” has some significant meaning because it represents a word in the secret language you have with your best friend. Maybe a “C” represents some personal triumph like beating cancer…a true feat that only you can fully understand. This necklace can be so personal to you and I’m so thrilled to finally share it with the world.
Like a storybook, the necklace’s engraved pendants stack together at times and the letters are intentionally not always visible. As you don your necklace, you are reminded what each letter means to you. It feels so sweet to know that you wear them so close to your heart.
I hope you’ll love the signature CMD shapes that I chose - squares, circles and rectangles. Depending on how many initials you’d like your Storybook to have, you can choose the metal combinations and chain color. The pendant pieces are all solid 14k and sterling silver. I also wanted the chain offerings to include 14k solid gold in addition to gold-fill and sterling options, as I hope these necklaces will become heirloom pieces that you someday might pass onto someone else. Over time, if you’d like another stamped shape added to your storybook, we can absolutely do that! Afterall, our stories are ever-evolving.

The Page Earrings (also sold individually) are available in all three metals and in two shapes - square and circle. These studs especially will make for the sweetest gifts. I recently gifted a single earring to one of my best friends with the letter “N” engraved for her cat Neko who passed away after 18 glorious years of life. You can wear these studs in pairs or individually…they look amazing in a first, second or third hole.
The pieces in this mini collection, “Imprinted” are intended to hold onto some of the most meaningful memories, beings, and places in your life. As you walk through life and write your own story, I hope these pieces feel like a small extension of the imprint that each and every one of us leave on the world.
I can’t wait to read some of your story.
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