The Cressida Ring Set

Cressida is a character who appears in many Medieval and Renaissance retellings of the story of the Trojan War. She is a Trojan woman, the daughter of Calchas, a Greek seer. In Greek, Cressida means "gold," which we think is fitting for this eye-catching ring. This 3-stack set is made up of three bands including 2 zodiac bands (one in 14k gold and the other in sterling silver, each featuring 12 1.0mm diamonds), and 1 14k gold channel & diamond band featuring 1 2.0mm diamond. Materials: 14k gold, sterling silver (.925) and 25 lab created diamonds. All materials are hypoallergenic. This ring was designed in Asbury Park and is handmade in our Upstate New York production studio. After your order is placed we will send you a sizing kit to try at home to get the perfect size before we start production. We do have a rush service available should you need a faster turnaround. Please contact us:  

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