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March 05, 2020

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It’s funny that after all these years, I still get an excited nervousness right before I release a new collection. Even with plenty of avid CMD supporters by my side, there's still some anxiety and emotion that rises to the surface of it all. Over the years though, my confidence and design skills have definitely improved, and it’s taken a lot of time and patience to get to this place! If you're interested in getting your creative business going, this blog is for you.

As a designer or creative, it’s essential to be open to critique. It’s nice when that feedback is constructive, but sometimes it can feel really discouraging. Trust me, though...your skin will get thicker as you become more seasoned. It’s important to remember to use any and all comments about your work or craft as fuel to your fire. Let it inform or inspire you, but don’t let it change who you are or completely dictate your direction.

I got a comment on social media the other day that left me feeling a little defensive for a moment. When I stopped and thought about it, I realized the words were not constructive or helpful, so really not worth stressing about. Remember it's sooo BRAVE to share something you’re passionate about to the world. Some will love what you do while others will not. Remember, keep your feelings neutral and don't allow any feedback to get the best of you.

The truth is that being vulnerable is just a part of being a designer or artist. You ARE going to get critiqued so let it make you stronger! Do it for yourself and for those people who appreciate your work!

Tell me, what are you afraid to do? What’s holding you back? Time is of the essence so here's my vote of confidence! I'm excited to sit back and watch you soar into the unknown - it's a wild world but the air is fine out here.


You got this,

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March 06, 2020

Thank you for reminding me that the element of no is the source for yes to emerge.
I can’t wait to see the new collection and light my fire of imagination that all is possible! Creativity is the harbinger for spring. The 2 wings of connection uplift us all.
Blessings to you Colleen. Keep rising and soaring :)

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