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June 01, 2023

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Hellooo Gemini season!

The Sun was in Aries when I was born, but Gemini was rising – and this sign is one that is so near and dear to my heart.

I love Gemini energy, and am surrounded by it. Many of my dearest friends are Gemini's, and without intentionally hiring based on astrological makeup (I would never, ha!), there’s also an impressive number of Gemini placements on the CMD team. Sam and Jill also have the Ascendant in Gemini, Sam and Kelsey have Gemini Moons, and Ary is married to a Gemini!

Gemini is social, playful, gregarious and youthful. This sign is highly mercurial… intelligent, expressive, and communicative. Gemini is a trickster. It's curious, sometimes deceptive, and finds joy in some chaos. Gemini loves conversations and arguing – because it adores meetings of the mind and exchanging ideas. Gemini is flexible, changeable, and inventive. It loves to try out a little of this, and dabble in a little bit of that... just to see what happens.

Gemini is an alchemist; it’s a mutable air sign that marks the transmutation of spring into summer. Ruled by Hermes, this sign is deeply associated with duality, mind and magic.

Alchemy is that magical process of transforming, creating, or combining to turn one thing into something else. We at CMD think we’re alchemists – and that you are, too! Combining, stacking and rearranging rings in gorgeous, unique, and conversation-worthy combinations is our bread and butter.

Gemini Stack - Product & Model Images

The Gemini Stack Set spotlights The Gemini Ring, which embodies this sparkling sign’s dual nature through the juxtaposition of the blackened, carved channel contrasted with the silky smooth silver band on this sparkling sign’s namesake band and stack ring set counterpart. It’s only fitting these designs named in honor of the The Twins should feature two diamonds that really pop against the dark channel where they're set. We hand carve and oxidize the channel, which better preserves both the black treatment and the settings over time.

Gemini Ring - Product & Model Images


I really do adore Geminis. Are you a Gemini or know someone who is? Let us know your birthday here if you'd like CMD Bucks on your special day.
Does this blog resonate with you? I sure hope so. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
Happy Gemini Season,

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Terry-Correa Deborah
Terry-Correa Deborah

June 15, 2023

I’m Aquarius, but my 2 y/o granddaughter is a Gemini (6/1)….my daughter is Pisces … I have 2 of your bracelets…. Digging this ring

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