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Introducing The Sagittarius Ring

Duality in Design: Introducing The Sagittarius Ring

In this zodiac season, darkness prevails, but the promise of light is ever-present on the horizon. Sagittarius captures the essence of transformation, with its interplay of intensifying darkness and the gradual return of the light. It mirrors the natural ebb and flow of life itself [...]
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The Scorpio Ring: Embracing the Darkness Blog Post Image

The Scorpio Ring: Embracing The Darkness

They say there's a black hole at the center of every galaxy, and inside that black hole is a whole other universe. When I think of Scorpio, I think of just that. Black holes, the shadows, nighttime, the ocean, death, passion, and transformation. Deep, [...]
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The Libra Ring Blog Post Image

Silver or Gold? Get Both, Libra!

This zodiac sign is represented by the Scales, symbolizing a constant quest for equilibrium. In honor of the Libra spirit, I designed a ring that epitomizes balance and elegance. The Libra Ring features a striking symmetrical two-toned [...]
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Introducing The Virgo Ring - Blog Post

Introducing The Virgo Ring

Virgos are the craftsmen and craftswomen of the zodiac, possessing a remarkable ability to pay attention to the tiniest of details. They find beauty in the most intricate aspects of life. Virgo possesses a profound sense of duty and responsibility, always striving for perfection [...]
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Flaunt It! Introducing The Leo Solitaire Ring - Blog Post Image

Flaunt It: Introducing The Leo Solitaire Ring!

Leo's unwavering confidence and boundless enthusiasm serve as an inspiration for all to shine brightly in every aspect of life. The creation of The Leo Ring was driven by a quest to capture the essence of Leo's larger-than-life [...]
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Blog Post: Holding Tight to Cancer Season

Holding Tight to Cancer Season

It’s easy to lose sight, get lost and become disconnected on this journey of life. Cancer asks us to remember where we came from, to never forget that we’re all connected even when we can’t always be together, and to hold on tight. To Cancer, those kinds of connections are [...]
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Gemini Stack Ring Set on Male Model

Hello Gemini, My Old Friend

The Sun was in Aries when I was born, but Gemini was rising – and this sign is one that is so near and dear to my heart. I love Gemini energy, and am surrounded by it. Many of my dearest friends are Gemini's, and without intentionally hiring based on astrological makeup (I would never, [...]
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I Want to Know Your Birthday!

I Want to Know Your Birthday!

My birthday is coming up at the end of this month... who else is an Aries? I absolutely love birthdays... it's a beautiful way to celebrate another year of life on this planet. That said, I want to know when you're starting your next trip around the sun! Let us know when your [...]
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