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August 17, 2023

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The Sun entered Leo on July 23rd, embracing its solid (or fixed), yang, fire temple. The Sun rules Leo and feels completely at home here in its vibrant likeness. Both the zodiac sign and the central heavenly body symbolize vitality, creativity, and leadership. Those born under the sign of The Lion often display a natural gravitation towards the spotlight and are marked by warm, fun-loving, and determined qualities.

Leo is associated with a profound desire to transcend impermanence and inevitable decline. This symbolism beautifully aligns with the nearing change in season. We have passed the height of summer, but the daylight still dominates. As the Sun journeys through Leo, the days gradually grow shorter and this approach of autumn symbolizes the encroaching rise of the night.

Often referred to as the sign of Kings and rulers, Leo carries themes of loyalty, regality, and authority, as well as transcendence, eternality, and spirit, along with notions of legacy, nobility, and fame.
The creation of The Leo Ring was driven by a quest to capture the essence of Leo's larger-than-life radiant energy. The result is truly magnificent – a ring that sparkles and dazzles with the perfect touch of extravagance. This captivating solid 14k gold or sterling silver stacking band features a stunning 3mm wide raised, bezel-set diamond, adding a pinch of glamour to any ring combination. The Leo Ring can't help but steal the show, and we adore it all the more for that.
Leo's unwavering confidence and boundless enthusiasm serve as an inspiration for all to shine brightly in every aspect of life. Take a moment to express your heartfelt appreciation to the Leos in your life. And remember, Leo season officially draws to a close when the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd.
In true Leo fashion, treat yourself!
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August 23, 2023

A sweet aesthetic to add to your collections. Love it!

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