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July 18, 2023

The Sun entered Cancer on June 21st, the summer solstice, which also marks the longest day of the year and the official start to summer. As Cancer season progresses, the night begins to grow longer again as the day shortens -- but all throughout the season of The Crab, the light remains dominant. The Sun moves into Leo later this week on July 22nd, but we’re keeping the spotlight on you until then, Cancer!

Cancer is the tropical, yin, water temple of the Moon. This sign is closely associated with many of the same themes as its ruling planet: Mothers, birth, and fertility; home, source, and security; romance, devotion and memory.

Cancer was rising, or is the ascendant sign in the birth chart of the Cosmos (also known as the Thema Mundi). Cancer is sometimes referred to as the Gateway of Mankind, or the place where spirit/soul takes on a body of its own... separating from source to embark on a material voyage of individuation. Birth! The cord is cut, a babe takes its first breath, and from that moment on, for a short while at least, it is its own. Connected, but separate.

It’s easy to lose sight, get lost and become disconnected on this journey of life. Cancer asks us to remember where we came from, to never forget that we’re all connected even when we can’t always be together, and to hold on tight. To Cancer, those kinds of connections are sacred, worth being nurtured, and can serve as a guiding source of meaning for all of us.

I'd love to introduce to you The Cancerian Ring -- a sweet, yet subtle way to always remember and hold who and what you love close to your heart. This 6mm wide silver densa band features a hand-carved and protective channel stamped with the initial of your choosing. The letter you select might symbolize someone you love, a word or concept you find meaningful, or serve as a reminder of a favorite memory or pastime that brings you joy.

Our founding production pro and studio manager, Ary is a Cancer. Who else out there is born under the sign of the Crab? Find all our current Zodiac designs in The Celestial Collection, and know there's more to come! Let us know your birthday here so we can gift you CMD Bucks on your special day.

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