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December 07, 2023

In Greek mythology, Centaurs are half-horse, half-man creatures known for their belligerence and unruly behavior — and also serve as the teachers of astronomy, war, medicine and wisdom. This intriguing paradox reminds us that within chaos, there lies the potential for transformation and redemption – an idea that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the double-bodied, yang, fire temple of Jupiter. This is a sign that embodies the multifaceted nature of humanity. As the domicile of Jupiter and the sign of the Bowman or Centaur, it’s a unique sign that represents dualities.

In this zodiac season, darkness prevails, but the promise of light is ever-present on the horizon. Sagittarius captures the essence of transformation, with its interplay of intensifying darkness and the gradual return of the light. It mirrors the natural ebb and flow of life itself.

Much like the Centaur, Sagittarius is associated with both reckless and redemptive qualities; untamed urges and higher mindedness. The themes connected to this sign are equally dual in nature — hedonistic self-indulgence, rebellion, and nihilism, but on the other side, hope, wisdom, enthusiasm, adventure, battle, salvation, and spirituality. While often misconstrued as a sign of unwavering optimism, Sagittarius is, in fact, always a blend of both the dark and the light.

Jupiter, also known as Zeus, is referred to as the God of Redemption. He brings order and restores justice to the cosmos continually, yet he is also notorious for his hypocrisy, philandering, rage, and warfare. Sagittarius embraces this dichotomy between the forces of destruction, a rebellious spirit without a cause, and the eventual redemptive return towards the light.

Sagittarius reminds us of our own duality as human beings. It encourages us to let the contrasting, contradicting parts of ourselves dance together harmoniously. Have hope, nurture your own form of faith, and find the strength to rise to the occasion. After darkness comes the light.

Allow me to introduce you to my homage to this free-spirited, maverick of a sign – The Sagittarius Ring. This 7mm wide silver ring boasts four carved lines, two on each face. A shiny finish separates each set of lines, while the remaining parts of the ring features a matte finish. This band symbolizes integration — that pivotal turning point where darkness meets light, and where untamed spirits find their higher calling.

The Sagittarius Ring is available in our signature rounded square and square shapes, and can be made in sizes 4.5 - 13.0 (including half sizes). Wear this eye-catching, mixed finish stacking ring on its own, or combine it with others to create a unique set.

Were you born under the sign of the Centaur? Find all of the designs currently in The Zodiac Series within The Celestial Collection, and know there's more to come! Let us know your birthday here so we can gift you CMD Bucks on your special day.

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