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August 05, 2022

Introducing Tina Kerekes, a completely bad ass and RAD force in our little city of Asbury Park.

When I first met Tina, I was struck by her style - she wore a patterned vintage suit with rocker tee and Bowie inspired boots paired with her funky hair and damn cool vibe.


Tina Kerekes


Tina’s a self-proclaimed tri-state gypsy. Jersey is home but Tina moved around with her single mom quite a bit  - from Neptune, NJ to Long Island, Philly and Venice, CA so she’s tasted a little of everything. Asbury has been home since 2003. When I asked Tina what she loves most about Asbury, she said “we have damn good bones and there’s a little of this black magic feel to it. You see the architecture and the old Victorian homes and you can feel the energy of the artists. In this city, we are surrounded by creative people whether it be sculptors, musicians, writers…they came here to get away from any city they were in so they could create.”


Tina Kerekes


Tina hopes that stays with us as the the city continues to be developed. “What is the history of Asbury? What is our community really all about?” She wants developers to think about that while they are building all of these condos and structures that might not suit the city.


Tina Kerekes


Walking into the Danny Clinch Gallery (aka Transparent Clinch Gallery) adjoined to the Asbury Hotel…you’ll find Tina at the helm. Tina's a master sewer, art teacher, fashion mentor and gallery manager with a background in fashion design and merchandising.


Tina Kerekes


In regards to CMD jewelry, Tina says, “It’s structural, there’s a sense of architecture to them. Whoever is wearing your jewelry, it literally becomes a part of them. It's rich in the way there’s a lot of energy coming off of it.” (Tina, that’s truly the ultimate compliment, thank you!) Tina loves the square rings and I’m ecstatic that she gave me permission to style her with a new stack ring set.


Tina Kerekes


She’s a real community gal - incorporating an “all are welcome” mentality. It’s a place that the community can be involved. Not only does she mentor youth on sewing and being interns in the gallery, she hosts fundraisers for local charities, music foundations, and the Boys & Girls Club. The gallery started as a 3 month pop-up and has now been a central hub in the community for over five years. It’s really a beautiful space chock full of Danny Clinch’s incredible photography and tons of beautiful mid-century modern furniture thanks to Tina and her boyfriend. I literally drooled at the four David Adjaye Skeleton Chairs when I popped in to interview Tina. I know I’ll be taking something home from the gallery soon.


Tina Kerekes


What an honor to have you as a part of The Hand Project, Tina. You’re a force…much love, my friend.

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