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April 28, 2022

One morning during my regular journaling session, I had a vision for a collection and photoshoot. I wanted to find a way to connect with people in my new community of Asbury Park, New Jersey. I dreamed of showcasing friends (both old and new) alongside some local and well-known people around town. How cool would it be to highlight how incredibly diverse our jewelry collection can look on an eclectic mix of folks? Just four months later, The Hand Project came to life.
Hands are a truly fascinating extremity. We have the ability to do so much with them like creating, working, making music, hammering, cooking, building, typing, driving, writing, drawing, pulling, pushing, lifting, shaking, holding, and so much more. I’ve always been mesmerized to see how everyone’s hands are so unique.
Each hand can tell a thousand stories. Some are dainty, muscular, dense, strong or weak. Some are more articulate than others and can be dominated by the left or right side of the brain. Artistic types often have the ability to use both with impressive dexterity. Some folks love the look of their hands while others feel shy to show them. Some people like their hands to be perfectly manicured while others are okay to showcase each wrinkle, scar and callus. And when you flip the hand over and really inspect the reverse, each palm is a unique design–no two hands ever identical. A fortune teller could read your palm and tell you more about how each line is indicative of your heart, head, life and stability.
With the launch of The Hand Project, I wanted to show all different types of hands–many ages, shapes, textures and sizes. I hope you’ll love this new collection of special occasion and everyday hand adornments. Every single person photographed in this shoot has a little piece of magic within. They are talented, intellectual, seasoned and beautiful. I imagine that The Hand Project will become a revolving theme in my ever growing collection. 
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