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January 18, 2024

There’s something so precious about the subtlety of the Spread the Love and Infinity Bracelets. I’m absolutely thrilled to add these to CMD's permanent collection. They are both petite symbols that have really profound meaning. These feel extremely personal to me as well.

Little did I know when I launched the Spread the Love Necklace last year that it would become our best selling necklace of all time. It’s a simple, hand-drawn shape that we transformed into a heart shaped piece of metal that will rest on your wrist or decolletage. At a time when everything feels so overwhelming, if we can stop for a moment and remind ourselves what is really important…it’s love, always love…the one thing that we really need. Love. I love you. I love me. I love her. I love him. I love them. Love always wins, so let’s spread it, shall we? Now more than ever, I feel a call to share the love through positivity and kind interactions with all humans, living creatures (and jewelry!). Gift this heart-shaped bracelet or necklace (or both!) to a person you care for very much or show someone who needs a little extra TLC that you're thinking of them. This bracelet or necklace can represent just a little piece of your own heart or can be a symbol of fierce self-love.The heart has a little personality of its own. You’ll sometimes find it resting upright or on its side (hearts get tired, too)…just let it do its thing.

And while I was at it, I couldn’t help but want to launch the Infinity Bracelet at the same time.

When I tragically lost my partner Kam in 2020, I got this symbol tattooed on the side of my wrist in his honor, centered perfectly between two freckles (one to represent each of us). I intentionally placed it on the underside of the left side of my left wrist so it could remain somewhat inconspicuous. I love that I can turn my hand 180 degrees and have the perfect view of it. It’s small and delicate but a huge reminder that love is infinite. This symbol is so personal to me yet I know how universal it is, too.

With most things, there is a defined beginning and end, completely packed with pages in between each figurative cover. There are also things that are infinite and never go away – and Love and Light are the first two concepts that come to mind when I think of Infinity and its perfectly beautiful associated symbol.

I’m so thrilled to add the bracelet version to my collection. I wear my necklace nearly everyday and can’t wait to layer my infinity bracelet with the rest of my baubles on my wrist.

Do either of these symbols resonate with you? Please share with me in the comments below. I would love to hear YOUR stories.


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