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March 31, 2015

Every step of the CMD journey has been immensely rewarding, but there are certain milestones that make our heart sing oh-so proudly. Setting up our made-with-love jewelry in the breathtaking SFMOMA ranks right up there with our proudest moments. Beyond being one of the most renowned places of modern design in Northern California, SFMOMA was an inaugural part in the creation of Colleen Mauer Designs.

Long before CMD came to fruition, I was a hostess (among many other talents) at Greens restaurant in San Francisco. Though I wasn’t selling my jewelry at the time, I was certainly making it — and donning it each night at the hostess stand. One evening a woman approached me and asked where she could buy my necklace. Amidst my blushing I told her I created it myself, and she immediately requested a handmade piece. Little did I know this woman worked for SFMOMA, but she and her colleagues became regular customers of my up-and-coming collection. As a fiend of all things design, during the same time I was at the museum myself quite often myself (spending an excessive amount of time in the gift shop admiring the modern, eclectic jewelry).

Twelve years later, the buyers of SFMOMA approached me at NYNOW and a beautiful collaboration was born. CMD is so incredibly proud to be featured at the museum’s many retail locations: the brick and mortar gift shop, SFO’s International Terminal Main Hall (pictured above) and on the website. In tune with their progressive vision, SFMOMA is on the move but more robust then ever. Let us know when you spot CMD at the museum. We’d love to see you wearing your pieces while checking out the stunning exhibits.

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