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August 25, 2022

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Introducing Marilyn Schlossbach - serial entrepreneur, restauranteur, mover and shaker who is always on-the-go and looking to fulfill her creativity. She’s the owner of Langosta Lounge, Pops Garage, Asbury Park Yacht Club (my fave!), Salt Water Market, The Whitechapel Projects, and most recently, Oshin Oil. She’s also the mother to super creative (and adorable) Rubi and Hari (10 year old twins) and an incredibly talented artist and cool dude husband, Scott.
CMD Hand Project Model, Marilyn
I had the pleasure of first meeting Marilyn on Dog Beach sometime last year and we instantly clicked. She’s warm, curious and has a very zen energy to her - I was so impressed when I learned how much she does in her day to day. Talk about a bad ass boss - so inspiring!
CMD Hand Project Model, Marilyn
Marilyn grew up in Belmar, NJ (just down the road from Asbury Park) and has been a local for a very long time. Her adventures began when she traveled and lived in the Caribbean on a sailboat. With her acquired snow bird mentality in mind, Marilyn opened her first restaurant at the ripe age of 21 and worked hard in the summers so she could travel all winter to escape the cold.
CMD Hand Project Model, Marilyn
Marilyn is constantly lending a hand in Asbury Park. She says, “I love being able to get involved with children - I love seeing young kids being inspired by music, food, surf, nature, learning.” Marilyn also has a non-profit called Food for Thought by the Sea that fosters knowledge, confidence and optimism in under-served communities. This non-profit is an embodiment of our community and its work is to serve and help all our neighbors to grow and thrive. Marilyn also has a food truck with the goal of becoming a staple for healthy food in our wonderful seaside community. Art projects, gardening, surfing, culinary - this project is often under the radar but is a huge driving force for Marilyn.
CMD Hand Project Model, Marilyn
When asked about CMD jewelry, Marilyn says “It’s very ‘me.’ I’ve never seen a brand of jewelry that was more fitting of my aesthetic. It’s very simply beautiful and it’s not complicated or flashy." It’s feminine and masculine, which makes Marilyn feel right at home when she's wearing it. Her favorite pieces are the mixed shaped rings. “I’m not usually a square person, but I love the different tones and shapes and how they all go together”.
CMD Hand Project Model, Marilyn
I’m grateful that Marilyn, Scott, Rubi, Hari and their Weimeraner pup, Ike live a stone’s throw from me in Asbury. They’re wonderful friends and beautiful people! Marilyn, what an honor to have you as a part of The Hand Project. So much love for your family, Colleen xo
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Suzanne Benincasa
Suzanne Benincasa

September 12, 2022

Love your esthetic! Gorgeous designs! And your friend, Colleen seems like the perfect fit for your one of a kind designs!!!

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