May 11, 2021

Pretend you're at a mineral hot springs and use our new oxidation kit to re-oxidize your CMD jewelry at home! Warning: the liver of sulfur chips do smell like rotten eggs so we recommend having a fan or air purifier close by while completing the process. Our oxidation kit contains enough chips to conduct multiple treatments.
Oxidation Kit Contains:
Liver of sulfur chips
Disposable gloves
Non scratch scour pad
What you'll need at home:
2 glass containers
Hot water
Cold water
Fan or air purifier

1. First add a chip of sulfur to a glass bowl and then add hot water. The chip will dissolve and the water will turn a brown color.
2. Once the sulfur dissolves, place the jewelry into the solution, and oxidation should start immediately. Leave the jewelry in the solution for about a minute, or until there is a thin layer of oxidation on the piece.
3. Remove the jewelry from the solution (we recommend using the gloves in the kit) and then use the blue scour pad to rub the whole surface.
4. Repeat the process until you get the desired color.
5. Once the jewelry is the color you want, remove from the solution and do one last rub with the scour pad. Then drop the jewelry in a bowl of cold water to stop the chemical process and your piece should have a beautiful oxidized finish.

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